Day 8: What I Think About When I Think About Music

Music has always been one of my way to ease my mind, because it’s just require your listening sense and voila, you feel refreshed and entertained. May i enjoy listening to music everytime, but i’m not that kind of indie person with “c00L playLisT anD unfindable songs”, my music mostly are basic: pop and current trending.

I did try to listening various kind of music: rock, country, ballad, indie, punk, pop-rock, and other genres you name it but still, my heart belongs to the pop. I don’t know, maybe pop songs are made to be that catchy, easy beat, and makes you feel happy without trying hard i think. At first, i’m quite insecure with my taste of music, because most of my friends have some favorite music that “underground” and i’m frightened to be that basic people. But in the end it’s just a pointless matter because, you do you.

Regardless of genres you’ve enjoyed, i think music is a easy therapy and as long you happy about what’ve you heard, it’s fine. And i think in the end it’s fine to be that basic one just because songs that you’ve heard. Afterall, we’re just basic people who are trying hardly to be cool, right?

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